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Discover our Brothers & Sisters jewelry collection

"Sisters & Brothers, these bonds are meant to be celebrated. Revelry now has a way to do just that!”

Brothers & Sisters Jewelry Collection

Display your bond for all to see with our Brothers & Sisters jewelry collection.

sisters bracelet
sisters bracelet

Brothers & Sisters Jewelry: Add More Personality to Your Relationship

The bond that sisters have is second to none, it is truly the definition of having a friend for life, from birth on. There are also friends with whom that bond feels just as close and are sisters in every sense of the word as well. And of course who can forget your sorority sisters that made your college experience such a treasured time. Show your sister, whoever she may be to you, how much she means to you. This collection is elegant and classy, great to wear to anytime as a reminder of just how much your sister means to you. The Revelry Designs’ Brothers & Sisters jewelry collection is designed to do just that.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Jewelry Gift

The Brother and Sister Collection is meant to be given as a reminder of how special the bonds forged between friends from high school, college, fraternities, sororities, roommates, and siblings, many of whom you may ask to be in your wedding someday. These pieces would make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. A gift that signifies how much they mean to you and the bond you will always have. It can be tough coming up with meaningful gifts for your wedding attendants, these pieces, however, will hit the mark perfectly. A Brothers & Sisters Jewelry gift is something that will be a constant reminder of your friendship, support, and love that will endure no matter the time or distance. It is a timeless piece of thoughtfully designed jewelry, crafted with moments like these in mind. A Brothers & Sisters jewelry gift is the perfect way to acknowledge “your people”.

Brothers & Sisters Jewelry: Wear Enduring Friendship

Just like your college memories that do not lose their luster and instead shine for many years, Revelry Designs’ Brothers & Sisters jewelry is crafted to be timeless. Whether it’s the high-quality material we use, or the ageless designs we craft, you can wear a piece of this collection at a range of events, or every day. There is no better time than now to choose a piece of jewelry that you know you will cherish for years to come.