Who we're looking for:

  • Stylish women and men who have lots of school spirit
  • Enthusiastic students who are engaged on-campus
  • Social media enthusiasts and content creators with lots of digital and real-world engagement and connections with others
  • Diverse cultures, experiences, majors, and backgrounds

What you receive:

  • Complimentary Revelry Designs jewelry
  • Access to insider deals and promotions to share with friends
  • Free products and exciting incentives based on sales
  • First access to internships with Revelry Designs and mentorship opportunities
  • Experience to build your resume

What do Revelers do?

You would positively promote our brand by:

Wearing your gorgeous Revelry Design jewelry on-campus.

Sharing posts on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook displaying our jewelry in a fun, attractive and artistic way.

Talking about our company and jewelry to your friends, classmates and others.

university of vermont jewelry

Checking-in with our Revelry Designs team to discuss what’s happening on-campus.

Working with our team to host events on-campus such as during sports events, parents’ weekends, special events, and sorority functions.

Posting flyers and other advertising around campus as permitted by University rules.

How do I apply?