We are Revelry Designs!!!
Revelry Designs was founded in 2020 in the beautiful state of Colorado when its founder Linda Hattenbach’s daughter was finishing high school and getting ready to go off to college.  While searching for graduation gifts for her and her friends and thinking a piece of jewelry would be nice she found that few options existed.  So, as any determined mother would, she designed her own!
This is an exciting time of life, and our name Revelry which means to “take great joy in”, captures that perfectly.  A gift of Revelry jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of your child’s college experience, or their accomplishment of graduating from college.  You can also celebrate your pride as a parent who deserves kudos as well since you were so much a part of getting your child to this point.  Or maybe you would like to rekindle your college glory days as alumni and sport a little school pride yourself.  We’ve tried to design styles for all.We hope you enjoy them!  Our University SPIRIT line is our collegiate licensed jewelry.  This collection includes unique jewelry that captures the SPIRIT of each university with their logos, name, mascot, and sayings.  Since we are a Colorado company and I am  a CU alumna, I was extremely excited to obtain our first license with the University of Colorado!  We plan to expand to other universities soon and we aim to please so if you like what you see so far, send us a request for your school.
Our BE YOU Collection is just as the name suggests, jewelry that allows you to express your true self!  We envision that our BE YOU line will encompass jewelry with inspirational sayings, personal hobbies, and interests. This is an ever-expanding line, so feel free to send us your ideas.

A Time to Revel in Life

Revelry Designs mission is to create unique stylish jewelry for you to Revel in Life and to Express your Individuality…. to Be You!!!