We are Revelry Designs!!!
Revelry Designs was founded in 2020 in the beautiful state of Colorado by Robin Vint and Linda Hattenbach.  Robin and Linda both have teenagers who will soon be heading off to college.  While searching for fashionable collegiate jewelry for graduation gifts, we discovered very few jewelry pieces that we loved, so we designed our own!  We hope you enjoy our designs.
Graduating from high school and going off to college is an exhilarating time of self-discovery, new adventures, and forging friendships that will last a lifetime... a time to REVEL IN LIFE! We chose our name, Revelry Designs, because by definition, Revelry means “to take great joy in”.   Our jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate your achievements, dreams, interests and school pride.  Our University SPIRIT line is our collegiate licensed jewelry.  This collection includes unique jewelry that captures the SPIRIT of each university with their logos, name, mascot, and sayings.  Since we are Coloradans and Linda is a CU alumna, we were extremely excited to obtain our first license with the University of Colorado!  We plan to expand to other universities soon.  We aim to please so if you like what you see so far, send us a request for your school.
Our BE YOU Collection is just as the name suggests, jewelry that allows you to express your true self!  We envision that our BE YOU line will encompass jewelry with inspirational sayings, personal hobbies, and your interests. This is an ever-expanding line, so send us your ideas.  Who knows, you may see your design idea in one of our collections.

A Time to Revel in Life

Revelry Designs mission is to create unique stylish jewelry for you to Revel in Life and to Express your Individuality…. to Be You!!!