Jewelry Care

We take great pride in designing our jewelry using only high-quality standards and materials. No matter the quality, however, jewelry is delicate and should be treated with care. Here are our suggestions as to how best to care for your jewelry.


We recommend that you remove your jewelry when sleeping, swimming, and during vigorous exercise. Please store your piece of jewelry in your Revelry Designs
pouch. They are not only fashionable, but functional, and will keep your jewelry protected from damage. Also included in your jewelry pouch is an anti-tarnish tab which prevents your jewelry from tarnishing for up to a year. After which time a periodic polishing with a polishing cloth should suffice to keep your jewelry looking beautiful.

Linked Styles

Designs with moveable parts will require maintenance over time due to the metal friction (metal rubbing against metal) that occurs during normal wear. Periodically checking the loops connecting the links will help prevent accidental loss. Constant or daily wear will accelerate the need for rebuilding worn links.

Cuff And Hook-On Styles

Cuff and hook-on bracelets should fit comfortably on your wrist without the need to bend or reshape to put on or remove. These types of bracelets should be slipped
on from the narrow side of your wrist. Bending or reshaping this style of bracelet can cause the metal to weaken and break.


Chains will stretch and may eventually break if stretched too much. Sleeping with chains on can cause them to weaken and break. If your chain gets caught on something, try not to jerk away. Untangle yourself gently and use a straight pin to remove knots in the chain. Regular, professional inspections help keep chains in top condition.


The natural beauty of leather is enhanced by subtle differences in color, grain, and texture. Over time leather will age and darken giving it a rich patina. Our leather jewelry will provide you with extended wear and enjoyment if you follow a few basic care and cleaning suggestions.
To keep your leather jewelry looking its best, we recommend that you remove it when swimming or bathing in a pool or hot tub with chlorinated water; and when using any harsh chemicals, lotions or perfumes. Remove when engaged in strenuous activities as leather may absorb perspiration. Avoid contact with liquids, chemical dips, or aerosols which could cause discoloration or damage to leather.

Store your leather jewelry separately in our soft pouch for added protection. As leather is worn it has a natural tendency to give, and will stretch, especially if
exposed to moisture. There are top- quality leather cleaning products available in the marketplace that
will help to keep your leather in prime condition. A pendant or charm that is attached to a leather cord may be cleaned using a polishing cloth.