You may be wondering…. Why is there a goat on your jewelry website?  

As Robin and I traveled around Colorado scouting locations to take pictures for this website, we enjoyed (as both of us extroverts tend to do) meeting all kinds of “beings” along the way.  All have their own ways of expressing their individuality and that is what we love.  

One of our favorite acquaintances is Billy, the billy goat!  Just starting a jewelry business, noticing jewelry on EVERYONE seems to have become our business.  We loved how even Billy’s tag looked like a fun earring he was sporting around his paddock, and he was none-too-shy about showing it off, coming right up to my camera to pose!  He was just the sweetest, cutest, funniest creature who made himself a part of our story!  He is a perfect model for our BE YOU line 😉

Tell us about or send us photos of you or a favorite friend with creative flair.  We love seeing outward expressions of joy whatever way it is created!