Spring graduation season is upon us!  Soon our mailbox will be filled with graduation announcements from young people graduating from high school and college who are excited to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Most high school and college graduates need financial resources because they are young and have been going to school, so it makes sense to just write a check and mail it off to them.  But cash lacks a personal touch and will not be remembered after it has been spent!  Graduating from high school or college is a momentous achievement and should be celebrate with a special memento; especially for those graduates who are dear to us.  If you want to commemorate their achievements in more personal and memorable way, then our graduation gift guide is for you.

Here’s our list of graduation gift ideas; some of which are personal keepsakes and some more practical ideas.

Keepsake Graduation Gifts

  • Experience – Perhaps the best gift is to spend time with your special graduate before they leave home. Take them on a fun trip, go for a hike, go to a spa or their favorite restaurant, let them choose how they want to spend some time with you.  Tell them how proud you are of their achievements and excited for their future.  You will never regret time spent with loved ones; especially if they are moving off to start their next adventure.
  • Jewelry – Jewelry is a gift that will last long after cash has been spent on fast food or other daily expenses. As students graduate from high school and sign their college acceptance letter, they are excited to show off their school spirit in a fashionable way.  Revelry Designs offers collegiate licensed jewelry with University names and logos that stand out from the crowd.
  • Personalized Quilt – Gather favorite t-shirts and sports jerseys to make a personal quilt that will be cherished for years. This gift is both practical and personal.  It is also a great way to repurpose outgrown clothing.
  • Photo gifts – Framed family photos or photo books with childhood and graduation memories are feel good gifts that provide a sense of comfort and love.

Practical Graduation Gifts

  • Bike – Two wheels is the preferred mode of transportation on most campuses. A new bike is a great gift for a college student; even those with a car.  Be sure to also buy a sturdy lock to prevent theft.
  • Dorm room essentials – We have a separate blog post on dorm room essentials but a few key ideas are also listed here.
    • Décor – items to personalize their dorm room to make it feel cozy and beautiful are great graduation gifts. Ideas range from photo frames, bedding, wall art, and towels  to seating options such as a chair, stool or poof.
    • Coffee maker – Students will need a jump start to get them to that early class and an in-room coffee maker is just the thing to get them going. Add some coffee and supplies for a great graduation gift.
    • Gift cards – If you don’t know their style or color scheme, a gift card to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, etc. may be the best option so the student can choose stuff based on their preferences and needs.
    • Storage – Dorm rooms are small and so organization and storage is critical to dorm life, especially since you share the space with one or more roommates. Laundry baskets, bathroom storage, under the bed storage, jewelry storage, clothes hangers, desk organizers, etc. are necessary to keeping your dorm room or apartment organized.
  • Tech Gear 
    • Laptop Computer – Although expensive, every college student needs a laptop computer for their homework and classes. They will appreciate and use this gift every day.
    • Phone – A reliable phone is essential to every college student to stay safe and connected to friends and family. Of course, phone accessories such as indestructible case, portable chargers, and pop sockets are also indispensable to college students.
    • Headphones – Noise canceling headphones are extremely useful when studying in loud spaces on or off campus. Ipods and other headphones are really popular for listening to music and podcasts.
    • Luggage or backpack – College students are always on the go and need to carry books, laptops, chargers and other gear. A sturdy backpack is a great gift that will be used every day.  Luggage will be essential for travel on weekend trips with friends and for visits home.

Wrap each gift with love and send your graduate encouragement and support as they head off into this wild and wacky world!  This may be the most formative and exciting chapter of their young lives as they transition to adulthood.