I hope that all of us have someone or someones in our lives we are fortunate enough to call brother or sister.  For some that person may be the sibling with whom we were raised and is our brother or sister in a traditional sense.  For others it may be a friend with whom that bond is every bit as strong and meaningful.  For others, since my business is focused on college jewelry, the importance of the bonds forged in sororities and fraternities and the traditions of the “big sisters and brothers” mentoring the “little sisters and brothers” cannot be understated.  These relationships are life changing, and life fulfilling.  I cannot imagine what life would be like without these relationships in it.  I was not fortunate to have very strong bonds with either of my siblings, but I feel that as a result my bonds with a few of my friends became that much stronger, and of much greater import in my life.  My best friends from high school are my brothers in every sense of the word.  They are there for me and I for them no matter.  As it happened one lives on the east coast, one on the west coast, and me in Colorado right in the middle.  Distance is not a factor for us.  I wish I could see them more, but our care and concern for eachother is just as strong.  What I do have locally is a group of “sisters”.  A group of ladies for whom we are each there for one another no questions asked.  Chosen sisters and brothers, but sisters and brothers nonetheless.

Certain aspects of our world right now are finding us banding together  as a brotherhood and sisterhood on a grand scale.  Times like these, though difficult, can galvanize our bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood en mass and be a source of strength that can exact change in the most dire of circumstances.  Our strength feeds off of one another.  Going it alone will take us only so far.  Going it together is likely to take us anywhere we hope to be.

I designed my line of Brothers and Sisters jewelry with the intent to capture all the meanings brotherhood and sisterhood encapsulate, great and small.  The impact of these bonds does not depend on the number of people involved, or the grandness of the issue involved, a bond is a bond and its strength measurable only by those involved.  A brother going off to college leaving a younger brother to miss them behind might like the Ties that Bind leather bracelet to wear and think of their brother when they look at it.  I “Big” might want to gift the Big Sister/Little Sister necklace to her “Little” as a way of reminding her that she is there for her.  The Sisterly Love bracelet is a much nicer way to tell your best friend you love her than the little half heart necklaces of the past (just my opinion!).  Or are you wanting to express your alliance against a united cause?  Sisters, you know we always have some work to do to change this world!!