While having coffee with friends at a local coffee shop, our conversation veered toward gifts for upcoming graduation celebrations.  That conversation sparked an idea in 2018 that slowly developed into a business plan to create collegiate jewelry unlike any of the designs currently on the market.  Linda Hattenbach and Robin Vint started working on developing a jewelry business with plans to launch in May 2020 for spring graduation. We were super excited and ready to get our business going!


Then Covid19 happened in March 2020 right after we had submitted our proposal for a license with the University of Colorado.  ALL OF A SUDDEN, THE WORLD SEEMED TO STOP ROTATING!  Almost everyone, except healthcare and other workers deemed essential, was ordered to stay home.  Schools, restaurants, offices…. Everything CLOSED!!!  People were struggling to make ends meet.  Graduation ceremonies and parties were canceled.  Lives upended!


We asked ourselves “Isn’t it crazy to start a new business right now, in the midst of a pandemic”?  Robin is not a huge risk-taker and was freaking out!  Linda, whose daughter was graduating from high school, said “WE MUST CONTINUE FORWARD” as our 2020 graduates deserve their time of celebration!  A slight disagreement occurred with Robin paralyzed by fear and Linda spurred on by frustration for her daughter.  We agreed to DIVE IN taking the plunge to fulfill our dreams, and help you celebrate your achievements.


We decided that the need for celebration in 2020 is more important than ever as our high school and college students missed out on so many memorable moments. We chose to shine a spotlight on these 2020 graduates and make their time bright!  


Revelry Designs jewelry is a perfect way to remember that incredible accomplishments were achieved, long standing dreams were realized, giant leaps were taken.  We founded Revelry Designs to create something tangible that captures the joy of such momentous experiences.  Your education and school experiences, no matter how unique, will be with you forever.  REVEL in it now and remember it always!


It is your choice to either DIVE IN or sit on the sidelines waiting to see what happens.  One of our favorite quotes featured on our website is “One day. Or day one?  You decide.”  Our hope is that you continue to move forward with your plans and dreams…. To REVEL IN LIFE!