Winter in Colorado was a long time coming this year, but arrived it has! It doesn’t matter where you are in Colorado there aren’t many views that can beat snow falling on our Rockies. And from Mesa or Mines, CU, or CSU you have a front row seat.
For those of us who did not grow up here, like me, the mountains are a spectacular site for which I will never tire. And I have no doubt that many natives feel the same way even if their presence has always just been a given. The mountains are what drew me to come here for college, and “playing” in them has been a favorite past time ever since. It truly made my time at the University of Colorado that much more amazing, just like the settings of Mesa, Mines, CSU, and CU with their mountain backdrops. They are all unique schools in their own right set in spectacularly beautiful places around our state.
It has been fun designing Colorado college jewelry that captures the uniqueness of these schools and the students who gravitate there. Be it simply the school logo because that alone is a really cool design and makes a statement all on its own, or my own take on a logo that rises to the level of displaying school spirit through good design, I love capturing the essence of the colleges through jewelry! Making college jewelry is a fun design challenge and one that I am enjoying tackling. Giving those passionate about their universities and interested in keeping those memories alive with something tangible makes me happy to do what I do.
A bit of happiness, even one that lasts the span of a smile looking down at the college jewelry you are wearing, and a great memory that it brings to mind, is so needed right now. A moment of peace as we watch the snow falling on our towering mountains, especially when our wait for that snow has been so long in coming and is always so worth the wait is such a joy as well.