Gold Chain of Kindness

Of course, owning a jewelry company, this quote caught my eye. But beyond the business of designing college jewelry that I hope will bring a bit of happiness into the world in some small way by celebrating the joy of the college experience and conjuring some wonderful memories that bring a smile to a face, I believe in kindness. I truly do choose kindness in everything I do.

I purposefully show kindness to at least one person every single day. I compliment a person, and I specifically single out a person who looks like they have not received a compliment in a long time or have had a day in which they are really in need of one. I offer to help someone who looks like they need it by carrying something for them, holding a door, letting them know it is alright if they happen to be taking extra time in line even if I’m in a hurry. I take a breath and smile. I always use kind words on social media. Mean words on a screen hurt as much as if you are standing in front of the person saying it to their face, only online you have no idea if they look like they haven’t had a nice thing told to them in a while, not had anyone help them with something heavy, or be patient with them when they could really use it.

I am sure that most of you already do these types of things many, many times, but I ask you to pay attention the next time you do. Watch the person’s shoulders rise, watch them raise their head, stand up straighter, even smile a little if you’re lucky. It is amazing what happens when a person feels noticed, cared about even in some small way; feel that proverbial gold chain of kindness, of connection to another. Trust me, it will do wonders for them, and it will do wonders for you.

Owning a company that makes pretty things strung on gold chains, I hope that my jewelry brings some joy as well. A gift is meant to do that. A birthday gift to celebrate another year older, wiser, more amazing (as an old-ish person I get to say that!!). A graduation gift celebrating years of dedication, perseverance, fun, and pride. A holiday gift given to show your school spirit. Or, like kindness, just because. Of course, I would like to sell my college jewelry. I would like it to be used as a reminder of your fun-filled college days.

This gold chain of kindness that binds our society together though, that is a gift that can be given every day, all day, and in so many ways that its impact can be extraordinary.