Olympic Bling

With all the Winter Olympics excitement over the last couple weeks, gold, silver, and bronze have become popular colors of interest. These athletes spend most of their lives working toward competing on the ultimate stage. In many sports years’ worth of work may come down to a only few seconds. For most of the other athletes it may be last long as a few minutes. Though I can only imagine how those seconds or minutes must seems to them after the hours, days, months, and years spent getting to that point. Talk about dedication! The passion, drive, tenacity, fortitude, and mental, psychological, as well as physical strength is extraordinary. These athletes are amazing!

At the Olympics they are competing for those oh-so-coveted medals, be it the gold, the silver, or the bronze. These athletes, at times, seem to view it as a failure to get anything less. That boggles the mind. Just to get to the Olympics means that you have proven yourself as having reached the very top of your sport in the world. The WORLD. Imagine that. Imagine the win that alone is. Getting a medal, I can understand is their goal, these athletes are nothing if not wired to shoot for being the best. But to not be a winner if you don’t get one. That is the furthest from the truth.

Silver and gold are in my vocabulary daily as well designing my college jewelry, though I’d say my pieces are a tad bit smaller than the “necklaces” some of the Olympians are returning home wearing! I was thinking that the jewelry I make can be viewed as a reward as well. Graduating college is not a small feat. Statistically less than 50% of college students who enter college graduate. There are many, many reasons for this that have nothing to do with one’s ability or drive, but it cannot be disputed that graduating college is quite an accomplishment. Similar to earning those Olympic medals, getting through college, and all that it takes to get to that point, takes grit, determination, fortitude, and drive. It is hard work, but it comes with great rewards.
It is a gift to graduate college, it is not a given, not a simple task, not an easy path. But the end result is as rewarding as it gets and opens doors to a world that is yours for the taking. And, who knows there might be some gold or silver waiting for you as well! (In the form of Revelry jewelry that is!!)