The Not-So-French Jewelry Connection

As I am going through the process of watching my youngest child graduate high school and looking forward to going off to college, I am struck daily by the sense that I am on a speeding train with no depot in sight. This college jewelry business of mine was inspired by this time in our lives. In our life as parents we adjust to a new normal with our kids potentially living outside the home, some across town, some across the country. Watching as our “children” take that huge, scary, exciting leap out on their own, at least a bit more one their own than they were up to this point. After all college still serves as a safety net for all concerned, but it is a big step toward independence for sure.

Now seeing it from this prospective, as a parent I feel like this leap into college is just as huge, scary, and exciting for us as well. We all want the best for our kids, and we hope that every aspect of their college life will go well for them. Really, when does that happen?! It just comes down to them knowing that no matter how far apart we are, we are still that soft place to land. Who else bought their kiddo tons of pillows and soft, fluffy bedding for their dorm rooms? Guilty! I think I was trying to literally give them that soft place at college when they need it and while I am there to give it remotely.

I traveled far from home when I went to college, and my first child has as well. As much as all this technology drives me crazy when all I seem to see is the top of my child’s head, the rest of it being buried in a phone, I-pad, or laptop, I have to say when it comes to this time of them going off to college, I am grateful for it. Reaching them by phone, texts, emails, and of course the coveted facetime makes the miles melt away if even for a little while. It is a gift. And, as much as some would be quick to deny it, our not-yet-so-independent college students are happy to have it as well.

One of the things that my daughter and I did when she was heading off to college was to get matching pieces of jewelry as graduation gifts. It was a nice way to recognize her heading off to the college she worked so hard, not only getting into, but deciding on. (The whole process of deciding on a college seems to be as much work and stress in some cases as getting in in the first place, doesn’t it?) I have been surprised how connected I feel to her when I see the jewelry. I find myself fidgeting with it several times a day and thinking of my girl. Neither of us take them off and it is a connection that is just for us. One that is more powerful than I imagined.

Any jewelry would certainly work, but since I own a collegiate jewelry company I would be remiss not mentioning that Revelry has several pieces of jewelry that would work for this; be it the small and medium CU Lady Ralphie necklaces on the mother/daughter duo pictured above, the I Heart CSU necklaces to indicate the two places where your heart belongs, getting each other a striking Mines pendant, or one a silver, and one a gold Mesa necklace, even the idea of one of the school leather bracelets for dad and son.

College jewelry is a wonderful graduation gift for the student graduating, but it can also serve as a tangible connection between those going off on their amazing adventure, and their proud, albeit slightly sad, loved one staying back watching them soar.