Senior year of high school is a marathon, not a sprint, and your child is not the only one participating in the race!  It is a grueling run from the start of the application process, typically just as the school year begins, to the graduation celebration.  The amount of work to be done, deadlines to keep track of, and huge decisions to be made are overwhelming for all.  I’ve been there, twice, and have the gray hairs to prove it!!  This, my friends, was the inspiration for the new Revelry Designs product that is quite the departure from our usual offerings, but honestly, as a parent, and going through this unique process I just couldn’t resist.  Thus, I present the:

Senior Parent Survival Guide Flask

And, it is intended to provide a bit of levity to the aforementioned process of getting your child from high school to college.

First there is the essay.  Oh, the essay.  There were times I thought I would never survive just this first step.  This essay nearly broke my perfectionist daughter, and in turn almost landed me in therapy!  The days, weeks, months (having started thinking about this mid-summer) of trying to come up with the “perfect” topic, which we all know does not exist, seemed never ending.  And then, topic having been chosen, writing the perfect paper about said perfect topic, again nonexistent, was just as bad if not worse.  When it came to going through this with my second, I am serious when I say that I suffered from PTSD.  Fortunately, #2, my son, is anything but a perfectionist, and in a relative minute produced a hilariously unique essay.  One shot of a flask was adequate for step one for him, my daughter, we will not discuss the amount!

Next, applications complete and submitted and the waiting done, it is time for the acceptances to start trickling in.  Oh, the stress of that!  Did they get into their first choice (the believed to be “dream school”)?  Second choice?  Come on third!!!  Either way, a little calming elixir can’t hurt!  Then a huge hug of congratulations or a calm reminder that they will do wonderfully and have an incredible time no matter where they land.  Then we go off and celebrate or cry ourselves as we had so much emotional investment in this as well.  Two shots.

Next, unless you are really lucky, comes the countdown to decision day.  Both of mine, in the cruelest of fashions, waited until May, literally the last date to decide.  If your child really dislikes you, you will know it at this point.  I know it was tough for them and all but come on!  They just about killed me with anticipation!  Are you grasping the reason for this particular product yet??  3 shots.

Finally, essay done, acceptances received, decision made, your child, and more miraculously you, have made it.  Graduation.  It is no wonder with all that is involved to get there that it is such a momentous occasion.  So, live it up, celebrate galore, feel free to buy a piece of Revelry Designs jewelry for the graduates, and finally, drink that flask my friends.  Drink that flask!  (Responsibly of course!!)