Revelry has a new product and a new line!  We have been kicking around the idea of designing some products specifically made for parents for a while now, and finally made it happen.  Check out our “Parents’ Too!” line.  With more products coming soon, we have one special one to start.

Much of our other jewelry can certainly be a wonderful gift for parents.  As I have suggested many times, I love the idea of buying matching, or similar pieces for you and your child as a way to feel connected not only to your child, but to their school as well.  I love this option.  However, as a parent as well, I want a way to see them, even if it is only in a picture, any time I want.

Thus, the creation of our “Worlds Apart, Close to my Heart” locket.  Whether your child stayed relatively close, an hour or two drive away, or a bit farther, an hour or two flight away, it still means that they are not coming home from school each day for you to say hi.  They are not greeting you when you walk in the door from work.  (Or at least somewhere in the house so you can hunt them down and say hi to them if they were like my kids!!)  Home life has change.  The house is a bit emptier and quieter.  And I, personally, don’t like it!

I’m also a fidget-er.  I fidget with things like the piece of jewelry my daughter and I got together when she left for school, and it makes me think of her.  It makes me feel closer to her.  Now, in addition, I have our “Worlds Apart” necklace to grab, open, and see their beautiful faces, any time and any where I choose.  I feel closer to them instantly.  And again, me being in Colorado and one of my children in Oregon and one in Vermont, feeling close to them is paramount at any given moment.  They did not stay close.  They really spread their wings to experience the world.  I am so proud of them, but miss them dearly.  Our Revelry Designs locket cannot make up that distance, but it makes me feel better.  My hope is that it will do the same for you.

So, as we approach the holiday season folks and the pressure of getting that perfect gift for mom rises, I’m thinking our “Worlds Apart, Close to My Heart” locket could be just the thing.  Of course, I tend to be a bit bias!