It’s been a few weeks.  School is in full swing.  Hopefully it is going well for all; jitters calming, friends being made, roommates finding their rhythm, the what-are-college-classes-like nervousness dissipating, and our fears as parents quelling just a bit.  They made it there, they are ok, finding their way.  Will they love it?  Who knows. Will it end up being the school of their dreams?  The verdict is out on that one.  Will it live up to all the expectations they and we have?  Too soon to tell.  But the first hurdles are cleared.  That is something to celebrate.  That is “we can breathe a little easier” worthy.

For many, seeing this for yourself was done at Parent’s Weekend and I am enjoying seeing all the posts of the fun times had, and the glowing reports of our sons and daughters doing well.  I can feel the relief jumping through the screen!  Another thing I noticed is the vast amount of swag donned for the festivities.  It was amazing the extent to which, if you could were it, wave it, and drink from it, , and it had a school logo on it, people in the pictures had it!  I remember being the same way, and my parents as well.

I realize my college wear is not so flashy and will not be seen across a football field, but for those more subdued occasions, the every day when you’d like to show of your son’s or daughter’s school spirit in a more quiet way, I think a nice piece of college jewelry representing your school is the perfect fit.  Be it a pair of stud earrings, or an upscale dog tag necklace, or a leather bracelet, I have a way to sport your school’s spirit.  And if I don’t have jewelry for your school yet, check out some of my other jewelry.  Congratulate you son or daughter for getting chosen for a fraternity or sorority with something from my “Sisters and Brothers” line.  Encourage them to keep soaring with one of my mountain necklaces.

If you feel that jewelry might be something that you or your child would like, keep Revelry Designs in mind.  These first months of college can be terrifying.  A token of your pride in them and in you for handling it like rock stars might be nice!