I don’t know about you, but fall is by far my favorite time of year.  The rusts, reds, oranges, and golds meld together giving everything a golden hue.  It just feels like a gorgeous sunset all day long.  In a way I guess it is, as it is the sun setting on summer.

Living in Colorado, we don’t always get the pleasure of a fall.  It is not uncommon for our snow to start falling as soon as early September, and when we get a substantial snowfall, down falls all our soon to be beautifully turning leaves along with it.  That always breaks my heart.  In a matter of hours our fall beauty is gone.  Along with a lot of branches and all my summer flowers, too.  Quite annoying I have to say!  This year though, we are being handed a spectacular fall.  The trees are blazing in full glory and the colors are amazing.

Growing up in the east, I know we are far from the colors and sheer volume of trees there, nothing can possibly compare, but for Colorado, we are having a pretty great year!  My daughter, attending the University of Vermont, is spending the weekend in the Berkshires.  I’m not sure fall gets any more spectacular than that.  Not that I would know personally, most unfortunately!

I guess it is no surprise that I like jewelry and have made a business of designing it.  The colors of jewelry capture the colors of fall.  A beautiful gold necklace looks amazing against a fall-colored outfit, a burnt orange sweater or a deep green t-shirt.  Our antiqued-copper Red Rocks necklace blends perfectly with a night out to dinner and a crisp fall concert there. Our leather bracelets scream fall as we bring out our favorite denim shirt and boots. Even our silver jewelry picks up the silvers that run through the gorgeous trunks of our infamous Aspen trees.

I’m a fan of jewelry any time, but the colors of jewelry just seems to fit with fall.  A little color before winter comes.  Just like fall itself.