I was speaking with a gentleman the other day who was retiring from a business he had been running for the last 12 years.  He is 73 years old and after being laid off as a computer scientist, he started looking into the option of opening a franchise business.  A family member owned a brake shop that was a franchise, and he began looking into that.  In doing so, however, he heard about a women’s clothing boutique.  As it turned out, this is the direction he chose.  Now, here is a then 61-year-old man who could by all accounts retire, but did not want to do that just yet, and instead chose to buy a women’s clothing boutique.  I could not for the life of me imagine why.  And, when asked, his response was so simple, yet one of the more profound I’d heard in a long time…When is the last time you were happy to have to go get your brakes fixed?  But are you happy to walk into a store to shop for clothes?  It was as simple as that.  He wanted to be around people who were in a happy setting.  If given a choice wouldn’t everyone choose the same?

It reminded me of why I started my business.  As I have said before, in a world of what seems like increasing negativity, a chance to celebrate each other should not be missed.  That is the simple purpose of my jewelry.  Your child graduates high school and is so excited about attending college, I have a gift for that. Granted I don’t have university-specific jewelry for every school (yet!), but I do have other pieces of jewelry that might fit the bill!  Your child graduates from college, have a gift for that.  Your child joins a sorority and would like to show her gratitude for her big sister who helps her feel like she belongs, I have a necklace and a bracelet for that.  I even have a bracelet for your son joining his band of fraternity brothers.  These touching pieces of jewelry can also be used to serve as a connection for brothers and sisters leaving their siblings at home as they go off to college.  A way for them to look at these bracelets or necklace and think of their person whom they miss so much.  What about all you parents who what to show off your child’s accomplishments and wear with pride a symbol of your kiddo’s school, again, I have you covered!

It sounds cliché, but for me I truly have always preferred giving a gift as opposed to getting one.  It makes me so happy when I know I have chosen well and given a gift that is truly loved.  For some it may not be jewelry.  For some it may be.  Take a look and see my jewelry.  You might find a necklace, or a pair of earrings, maybe a bracelet that speaks to you or your loved one.  If not, just enjoy looking. All kinds of happy here.